Do you want to get some insight into what your customers are thinking but don't know how to get started? Would you like to improve your relationship with your clients and run your business more efficiently? The best way to do this is to measure what goes on in your business environment.


The Customer Insight Program was designed with your needs in mind. From start to finish you work with an expert in survey design and analysis. First we customize up to 20 questions in an online survey, then we give you an easy to remember web address and 30 days of hosting for your survey. After the thirty days are up you get a complete report that includes summaries of all your questions and statistical analysis of all the quantitative data along with a short review of your results by our experts.

The Customer Insight Program is not a cookie cutter solution. Every survey takes into account the specific needs of your business. We start by looking at how you hope to use the data. We work with you to understand what you would like to do with the results then we identify the type of information needed to inform your future decisions. Based on how you plan to use the data we identify the right measurement tools. By starting with the end in mind we insure that you get the information you need in a format that you can use.

What about continuing past the 30 days?

The first 30 days is really a test drive. To be an effective data manager you need to keep collecting data and comparing results. Going beyond the 30 days is easy you can pre-book hosting for your survey 6 months or a year in advance. You keep your surveys web address and every month you get the same report sent to you.

Building on success

As time progresses and your data develops over time additional statistical tests designed to identify meaningful changes and trends will become desirable. When the time is right, our experts can advise you on what new information can be extracted and how best to do it.

Needs change

The Customer Insight Program is a starting point. Any time after the first 30 days you can change any or all of the questions in the survey. Our experts will be glad to quote you for the new work.



The Customer Insight Program is a complete customer evaluation product. Every component from data collection to analysis has your specific business needs in mind. The program is supported by experts in Survey design and analysis. The Customer Insight Program is your gateway to better management and happier customers